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5 Reasons that it’s Time to Redefine CRM

For most teams today, CRM (“customer relationship management” for any CRM newbies out there) is an absolute necessity for organizing data, making sales, keeping in touch with clients, marketing your business and more. While CRM is so often a blessing (who doesn’t love seeing when someone opened your email?) it’s just as often a curse. We would know, we’re veterans of the CRM industry, and even we’ve gotten lost in an overwhelming data set or spent hours setting up an email campaign that should’ve been so simple. Enough is enough. We’ve decided to enhance the CRM experience for everyone, from the local veterinarian to the multinational financial institution. Here are the five reasons why we’ve decided to redefine CRM:
  1. Customer relationship management should reflect the way today’s customers and employees interact.
    • Why are we all interacting on a platform that hasn’t kept pace with the way people communicate today? At Omnigage, we think you should be able to connect with your colleagues and vendors just like you would with your friends. That’s why we’ve developed a CRM that functions like a smart, secure social media platform, putting your client relationships right at your fingertips, and making these interactions feel natural and intuitive.
  2. Your CRM platform should be as nimble and versatile as you are, providing complete control or total automation, depending on the situation.
    • Demands on a business have never been higher than they are today, and that means you need tools that allow you to pivot and execute rapidly. CRM should touch every part of your organization, allowing you to take the reins when creating engagement campaigns or advancing sales funnels, or let the system do the work for you when your attention is needed elsewhere. Omnigage’s cloud-based smart engine engagement platform is omnipresent and omnichannel, so it learns the ins and outs of your organization and clients as it goes. We’re here to help you win your time back and focus on what really matters: running your business.
  3. New systems should utilize AI to fully customize the experience to match your contacts’ preferences.
    • If your CRM isn’t already integrating AI into your experience, it’s time to seriously consider adopting smart analytics tools. The whole premise behind smart analytics is to take the smaller tasks off your plate while increasing optimization, so your clients will be happier, your campaigns more effective, and your attention freed up to focus on growing your business. Omnigage integrates AI into the CRM experience by empowering the platform to learn about your organization and clients over time. After a while, Omnigage knows just how each of your contacts likes to be interacted with: at what time of day, on what channels, how many follow-ups and at what intervals, key messaging points and so much more. These little details add up to a pretty powerful potential for optimization via automation.
  4. Simplicity is key.
    • This one is so straightforward, yet so rare in today’s market. No matter how interesting or potentially game changing a tool is, it’s not worth sacrificing an enormous amount of time, resources and your team’s energy just to get it up and running. The successful CRM’s of the future will be radically easy to set up, meaning you don’t have to attend a conference, hire a new position or attend hours of meetings before you can start using the tool you paid for.
  5. Cost efficiency should be a given.
    • Above all else, modern CRM can no longer justify exorbitant fees. We think it’s common sense that when you purchase something, you deserve full access to that commodity, and it’s no different when it comes to CRM. At Omnigage, there are no unjustifiable costs, and all of the platform’s powerful features are included. You’ll never have to squeeze your budget for extra plugins and functionalities ever again.
As you can see, it’s time for client relationship management to evolve to meet the needs of modern businesses. As long-time players in this industry, we’re thrilled to see these changes happening, and look forward to creating even better ways to help you win your time back. To stay up to date on other emerging CRM trends, get in touch with us at
5 Reasons that it’s Time to Redefine CRM